Ubuntu Global Bug Jam at KanchiLUG

Bugs play a major role in a lifecycle of a software. Open Source Software gets more bugs and they are fixed very quickly.
Ubuntu makes the process of reporting and triaging using Launchpad.

To make more public to contribute by reporting and triaging the bugs, Ubuntu Community celebrates a “Global Jam“.

In KanchiLUG, we ran a “BugJam”. We all are new to these process. We all had thoughts of reporting bugs on ubuntu. But, never got an intro to these processes. This BugJam day gave us a offer to learn those things.

Today, created an account for all 15 members in launchpad.net
Learnt the Lifecycle of a Bug.
We all filed a bug .
Learnt the process of Bug Triaging.
Learnt on How to find a proper package for Triaging.
Got the list of Bugs does not contain proper packages.
We all set the proper package for 5-10 Bugs, each.
Decided to set package for at-least 5 bugs a day.

Some links to learn more about this.




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