Chandrashekar Babu – My Linux Master

The one who changed my life, lifestyle and passion.

A corporate trainer, who always flying to reach his students for spreading the FOSS scent.

In 2004, as I started searching job after finished my college, joined ILUGC  – Indian Linux User Group mailing list and keep on watching the discussions.

Suddenly, one fine day got this email.

Hi All!
     I will be conducting a free 3 day training programme on 
"Introduction to Shell scripting using Bash" from September 02, 2004 to 
September 04, 2004 at my place (located in Sholinganallur). The training 
programme will be scheduled at 3:00 pm (if you are interested, be 
prepared for a long journey).

To know more details, please visit

Warm Regards,
Chandrashekar Babu.

Here it is.

This mail changed my life.

Yes. Attended the class. The most important things in life are always free as water, air, knowledge and linux.

He explained the open source concepts and the strengths/powers of linux shell.

I was a windows mad on those days. But, He showed the new world. He made me to enter in the open source with holding my hands.

spend some 3-4 wonderful months with him. Me, Balavignesh and Franklin used to enjoy a lot in his classes.

Then, our life changed. I decided to spend the life with Free Open Source Software.
Struggled a lot to get a job with open source and finally got it around 2005.
From then, my journey on promoting FOSS is progressing.

He always keeps us encouraging on our contributions and achievements.

Following his ways, working on
building teams,
making people contribute,
constantly replying to the questions with patience,
giving the support to the community mailing lists,
sharing the learnings with blogs,
helping the organizations to linux migrations,
teaching linux, ruby, php & python,
promoting FOSS in all the ways I can.

All the works I do for FOSS are dedicated to him and a way of thanking him for all his efforts on building us.

Thanks a lot sir.

Here is a snap of BalaVignesh, Chandrashehar and Shrinivasan(me) got a chance to have fun in home two years back.


4 thoughts on “Chandrashekar Babu – My Linux Master

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes. we all get enlightenment from someone and that is the real taste of FOSS. They change all the way we live.

      Thanks for those people and those books, websites and the community.

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