Moving to

Dear Readers,

Thanks a lot for your continuous support and encourages for maintaining this blog

I am working on this blog from March 19, 2007, for 3 years. So happy to see the hits crossing 2 Lakhs.
It shows the thurst of Indians to work with the Free Open Source Software technologies.

When I decided to find a job in FOSS in 2006, it was so tough to get the job details.
After some struggle and patience, I got a job which I love.

Then, decided to open this blog to share all the job details I get to the public.

It is so easy to open a blog like this and publish the details we get.
This is to inspire the people to share and contribute to the community without spending any money.

As the blog get more content, more visitors come and leave their comments.
As I see, most of the readers give comments with their entire resume, instead of applying to the mentioned email address.

The companies wont look on the comments posted in this blog.

As I was thinking on how to make this easier, My Friend in Delhi, Narendra Sisodiya, [ narendra.sisodiya AT ] came up with a new website for FOSS Jobs.

It is powered by the popular open source job board software “JobberBase

It has the following features.

  • job posting without account;
  • powerful job searching;
  • apply to interesting jobs;
  • administration panel;
  • RSS feeds;
  • javascript badge/widget;
  • homepage-featured jobs management;
  • locations management;
  • … and many more!

Yes. It is a community movement to gather all the FOSS based jobs and publish in a common place.
Anyone can post a job requirement. No registrations are required.

Me and Narendra has the admin roles, who can review the posts and publish them.

I request all of you to review the site and share all your job opening details there.
That will be a great contribution to the Indian Job Seekers in the FOSS domain.


I am not closing this blog. Will be publishing interesting articles, interviews, and suggestions related to FOSS jobs.


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