Solution for Joomla Installation error with xampp

Joomla is an excellent content management system. Yesterday, My friend Priya was asking to teach about Joomla. Sounds good. It was long time back, I worked with it.

She had no Internet connection in her ubuntu box. As joomla needs a LAMP setup, downloaded the combo pack of apache,php,perl,mysql,phpmyadmin – xampp – from and extracted in /opt

Downloaded joomla and extracted in /opt/lampp/htdocs/joomla

accessed it via http://localhost/joomla

The Installation went nice, but got some error in installing sample data.
Ignored that.

But, when accessed the site, it trhowed a lot of erros like the following.

Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::import() should not be called statically in /opt/lampp/htdocs/joomla/libraries/joomla/import.php on line 34

Searched net and found this page that discusses the same issue.

From that page, found the solution.

in the file, /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini
configured like following.

error_reporting   =   E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE      ; Show all errors except for notices
display_errors   =   Off   ; Print out errors (as a part of the output)

the, restarted the lampp setup.

Thats all.

Now, going to ask priya to read this post and requesting her to do it the same and her machine and explore the joomla.



10 thoughts on “Solution for Joomla Installation error with xampp

  1. anybody pls help.. when i started to install joomla, the connection of its database to xampp is error. it said that “cannot connect to database”. i tried many times to connect it but it didnt work and continue the installation of joomla.

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