Ubuntu Release Party in CollabNet

My Office, CollabNet has given the freedom to all Employees.
We can Install our desired OS in our Laptops and Desktops.
But the Windows is preinstalled.

The New joiners and  some existing people are still in Windows.

I am working in Migrating them to Linux. Already done with some people and they are so happy about using ubuntu.

I was discussing with Bhuvan regarding having a Ubuntu Release Party.
We planned to have it in a evening for 1 hr.
We announced it to all.

2 days back, on May 26, we celebrated “Ubuntu Release Party”.
near 15 people came to the hall.

Bhuvan explained the new features in 10.04.
He spoke about the history of ubuntu and the importance of it.

I showed the demo on Live CD.
Showed the Installation steps.
Using synaptic Installed pidgin.
Using the social menu, updated my twitter.
Explained about VPN, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Calendar.

Elango showed his crossover office suite, to show that we can Install MS Office too in ubuntu, for some inevitable people.

The Audience got Interested and requested for the Installations.

Will give the CDs next week and make them to install themself.

Please do these kind of Installfest, Release Party in your Office, your communities, your friends groups.

It is giving much impression while a friend or known person is talking about linux and they get some
faith only when they get a local support person in front of them.

Its true.


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