Programming Bootcamp at KanchiLUG

Some days ago, In KanchiLUG weekly meet, I bought a thought of running a camp on open source programming in kanchipuram.

As usual, the energetic KanchiLUG team, gave life to the words.

Formed Teams.
Topics and Persons were assigned.
Searched for Place – Got it at Sakthi ITI, Kanchipuram
Prepared a read list for all the team.
Followed up each speaker for his self learn and practise.
Printed Pamphlet for the bootcamp and spread via newspapers.
Got nice registrations. Planned for 40. But got 25. Fair.
Searched for Projector. Thyagu, Mangal Sundar(IIT), Kannan(IIT) lended a projector.

6 Days, Different speakers, Different Topics.

Linux Intro
Html, Javascript,CSS
MySQL, Postgresql

I could not able to be there in person. But the team is sufficient enough to handle all.

Here are the day reports.

I gave a talk on Job opportunities in the FOSS world on Day 5 🙂

So happy to see that the teamwork is giving awesome results.

There are so many upcoming activities in KanchiLUG and this is just a start.
Hope both the listeners and speakers learnt a lot from this event.

Wishes to the KanchiLUG Team.
Proud to be a part of the wonderful team.


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