Open Source Intro Session at Pachayappa’s Arts & Science College

Last wednesday, from KanchiLUG we gave a session on “Introduction to Open Source
at Pachayappan Arts College for men, Kanchipuram.

College provided us a seminar hall with projector.
Nearly 100 students from BCA,BSC,MSC students filled the hall.

Rajkumar gave an into talk.
Shrinivasan(myself) explained the open source concepts,
Gnu/Linux History, Job opportunities etc.

Yasir showed videos on compiz, ubuntu user interface, and
Big Buck Bunny video.

Praveen explained the activities of KanchiLUG.
He requested the students to attend the new team’s weekly meet on sundays.
He showed the simplicity of open source programming languages.
Showed some simple python scripts.

Malathi & Suji explained on how students can get jobs in open source technologies.
Priya talked her experience on being with KanchiLUG for one year.

I requested the students to do their projects by own and
to participate in contributing to FOSS projects.

We hope that we can get new contributors to FOSS
from this college.

The students are very interesting in learning.

Thanks for the HoD, Staff and the College management for
providing such a nice opportunity.


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