ILUGC July 2010 Meet made a History!

July 10, 2010 is a memorable day in the history of the
Indian Linux User Group (ILUGC) Monthly meetings.
For past several years, the no of participants was around 15-25.

This Saturday, a Magic happened.
The no of Audience was “67”

After a long time, Chandrashekar Babu, came to ilugc meet.
His talk on “MySQL/MariaDB Optimization” was interesting and crispy.

Senthil spoke on how he got interest in open source technologies.
showed his product

Siddarth, from fsftn explained about the concepts of Free Software and activities in various parts of India.

Raaman, started his series on LPI/RHCE syllabus based Linux administration.
It will be continuous session on all the upcoming monthly meets.

We need participants like this at least, on every monthly meet for the speakers to come up with
various new topics and concepts.

In the meantime, I was taking IRC class on #ubuntu-classroom about “Ubuntu One” between 5.30 to 6.30 pm. for “Ubuntu User Days” session.

Here are the irc logs of my session.

For other session logs,

After the meet, we had more fun at “Hotel Gurunath” at IITM.

Here are some snaps.

Thanks a lot for the speakers,ILUGC, FSFTN, KanchiLUG Members, The students of MIT, SSN, SRM Colleges.

We are coming with more interesting topics/speakers.
I invite you all to come with your friends and communities.

Let us make more histories.


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