“Making Money with Open Source Programming” at DevCampChennai

It is a barcamp. An unconference. Where people move around sessions.

ThoughtWorks, chennai hosted a barcamp for developers, on July 10, 2010.

It is my first event.
The team did a great job.

Parallel sessions were running. Some great sessions about text mining, html5, arduino board, amazon web services and more.

Oh No. No topic about open source! It is bad.
Decided to have a session on open source programming.

“Making Money with Open Source Programming”

Wrote this topic on the board and went to text mining session.
Sooner, got a call for my talk.

Got a room with some people waiting for me.

In 10 min, the room was filled with people. Session was very interactive. Good participants with too many questions. Was answering all the questions.

  • Concept of sharing in humanity
  • The existing software business model
  • comparison of hardware and software in ownership
  • Powers of customers
  • Pros/cons of existing model
  • Opening the code
  • pros/cons of opening the code
  • My experience with opening the code
  • How to get business after opening the code?
  • Successful open source companies – CollabNet, RedHat, SugarCRM, VtigerCRM
  • Licensing your code
  • How to get more business?
  • Various wings for a company – code, marketing, support, training, service, etc
  • Why opening the code is not a suicide for a company?
  • Why opening the code is a new way to growth for a company?
  • How can we startup with zero investment for software?
  • Opportunities in services and support
  • Business with open source enterprise applications
  • The need of change in vision for a startup

Jobin, Thayumanavan from Essentia, Shwetank Dixit from Opera, Senthamil Bharathi from Zoho helped a lot on the discussion by sharing their own experiences and thoughts.

Thanks Guys.

After this discussion, moved to cafeteria. Lunch was delicious.

Met there some people, who are known by various nicknames in irc channels.

Time to ILUGC Meet. Cant stay more and have to miss many sessions.
They provided a nice T-Shirt and requested to give support for the upcoming camps.


Waiting for the devcamp2.

Thanks for Thoughtworks, Organizers and Volunteers.

Some snaps are here


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