“Ubuntu One” training on Ubuntu User Days

Ubuntu User Days” is celebrated after every ubuntu release.
The ubuntu learning team is organizing one full day training session on
using the new ubuntu release.

The training is happening in the IRC Channel, #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net

I accepted to talk on “Ubuntu One” as I already handled such a session 6 months back.

The date is “July 10, 2010” when many things happening around me.

  • Morning DevCamp.
  • Afternoon, ILUGC Meet.
  • In Parallel, IRC Session.

Such a Busy Day.

I was in ILUGC Meet, listening to the talks till 5.15
Got a data card from my friends and logged in #ubuntu-classroom

At 5.30, class started.
Ubuntu One is a free, cloud based, file syncing service provided by ubuntu.
Talking about this and explaining the features is exciting.

over 150 people, listened the class in IRC.
Got many questions and session was very interactive.
Ended at 6.30

Here are the logs.

Here are the logs for the full day Ubuntu User Days sessions.

So Happy as day was fully devoted to open source and people interaction.

Thanks for the Community.


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