Again, ILUGC meet made a history

Minutes of Meetings – Aug 14, 2010 meet

Again, ILUGC meet made a history.Yes. The participants count is 70


Thanks to all.

We started at 3.20 PM.we have to make it sharp at 3 in the upcoming meetings.

Raman stated with the meeting information with CDAC about BOSS.Then, he started his Linux Admin Session.He explained “File Permissions in Linux“Different file types, User, Group, Others,read,write,execute permissions,chmod,stickybit, setuid,setgid are the topics he covered with live demo.

Chandrashekar Babu started his Ruby Talk.He explored Object Oriented Nature, strings, Classes,Loops, File System Handling, irb, threads in Ruby.He compared Ruby with shell, perl scripting withlot of live code examples.

Suki Venkat showed his open source application “MultiFlow”.It is a easy software for authoring Latex Documents easily.He showed the XUL and javascript code, he developed.

We had a discussion about Software Freedom Day 2010 on sep 18.We got place at Birla Planetarium.

Thyagarajan started the discussion for volunteers and stalls.We got request for stalls from MIT, Jaya Engg College, AVIT, SRM, Fedora Team,Sworks and kanchilug.Ma.Sivakumar accepted to volunteer for the publicity in media like magazines,social media, FM, web, colleges, poster, banner etc.

We will discuss the list of stalls and volunteers in a separate thread.

Here is the article in Tamil about this month meet by Ma.Sivakumar.

Here are some snaps.

I thank all the speakers and participants.


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