How to create an IRC Channel

IRC – Internet Relay Chat is the very old, stable, reliable, online communication media.

We can dive into the community with the IRC chat. Most of the open source communities have their own IRC channel. All the community members and contributors will hang out there. We can meet the real developers and can ask questions.

Ubuntu and fedora have the major communities where all people do all the progress through IRC itself.
#ubuntu in is having minimum 1500 people anytime to give realtime support. is the popular IRC server for Free/Open Software Channels.
There are some more popular servers also like ERnet, Undernet, IRCNet, Quakenet.

If you belongs to any Open source community like Local Linux Users group or any other development group, having an IRC channel for our group will increase the communication between the team.
The fun we have in the channels will improve the bond between the members.

Before creating an IRC channel, first you need to know the basics.
Read the following links fully.

The time spent on reading this link is a great asset to utilize the facilities given by IRC.
Take your own time on learning these new jargons.

1. First Register your nickname

    Connect to server

    Choose your nickname. for example – shrini     
    /nick shrini

    Register your Nickname     
    /msg nickserv register your_password your_email_address

    Identify with NickServ – or store password in your irc client.
    /msg nickserv identify your_password

2. To get information of an existing channel
   /msg chanserv info #<channel>

3. Create a new channel
   /msg join #<channel>

4. Register your channel with the command below, replacing the text in brackets:
   /msg chanserv register #<channel> <password>

5. Set the Chanserv service bot on guard with the command
   /msg chanserv set #<channel> guard on

6. Making yourself as Channel Operator
   /msg ChanServ op #channel

Type in this command for further explanation:
/msg chanserv help set

Thats all.

Now, you have your own channel. Invite your community members to have a meet in your IRC channel.


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