List of Stalls for SFD

Last week, we had a nice chat session in #ilugc-in regarding the software freedom day celebration activities.

The list of stalls and the volunteer names are discussed.
We made a list and here it is.

From MIT
1.OpenFoam – A tool for CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) simulation and analysis – Rajendra Mohan
2.QUCS (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator) – Dhivya, Kaviyarasi
3.Customization and Compiz effects – Kirthana, Charanya, Vardhini
4.Programming & debugging tools -Yuvasri, Gargi, Shanmugpriya, Shrisabari
5.Installation (of 2 distros) – Arasan, Santosh
6.Inkscape – Ramprashanth
7.Xinerama & Multimedia tools – Akilan, Senthilraja, Vivekanandhan, Anu, Afshal
From jaya engineering college
1.opensource database
1. OpenOffice – writer, spreadsheet, presentation  
2. Gimp 
3. Python 
4. Ruby 
5. Jython 
6. Big Blue Button
7. Multi OS in single DVD
8. CMS (Joomla, WordPress)
9.  NoSql
11. ScreenCasts for Python, Ruby, WordPress, Html, Synaptic, MySql, Postgres, Openshot, Pitivie, Tamil Lay Out , Record-my-desktop, Glade,, compiz, why-foss, History, etc  in TAMIL
12. GAMES – 3 to 5 3D Games and more 2D games
13.1 Video Editing Tools demo – OpenShot, Pitivi, etc
13.2 Audio Editing Tool – Audacity
linux equivalents for windows softwares.
Volunteer Name – Srinivasan,Prashant

Good to see the list.
There are variery of topics and many LUGs are participating.

IRC is such a nice tool that we can communicate and collaborate with people easily.

The list of topics is growing and here it is:

If you want to show something to the public that you are passionate about, feel free to add here about it.

Spread the news :

Like to explore Linux?  Indian Linux User Group, Chennai is celebrating Software Freedom Day on sep 18 at Birla Planetarium, Kotturpuram, Chennai-25. All are welcome. Free Entry.


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