Special Meet with Prabhu on Oct 30, 2010

Prabhu Ramachandran, an IITB Professor, one of the founders of ILUGC,
is visiting Chennai on October last week.
He is happy to have a meet with ILUGC team. He will share his
explorations on Python with hands on.

We are having a special meet with Prabhu on

Time:   Oct 30, 2010 , Saturday 3.30 to 5.30 PM Place : Venue: Classroom No 6,         Areo Space Engineering,         Near Gajendra Circle, Near Staff Canteen,         IIT Madras. 

Prabhu will introduce plotting and visualization with matplotlib and
Mayavi, numpy/scipy and Sage. Apart from these,

he will also talk about how he uses Python in his research and the
FOSSEE project. He will also be announcing scipy.in 2010.

* Participants should be comfortable computer users and be familiar with programming constructs such as loops, conditionals.
* Familiarity with programming editors– scite, notepad++, vi, emacs-will be a plus.
* Familiarity with using the commandline will be another plus.

(a) IPython
(b) Python doc
(c) The Python Profiler
(d) Scipy/Numpy
(e) Matplotlib
(f) Mayavi2

If possible, we will try and provide live DVDs containing all the
required installations and some additional tools at the venue.
The iso can also be downloaded from the fossee.in site

Load your laptop with the required tools from the repositories, Charge
the Laptops to withstand 2 hrs and
get ready to make your hands dirty with Python.

About Prabhu Ramachandran:

He is a member of the faculty at the department of aerospace
engineering, IIT Bombay. He is an alumnus from the department of
aerospace engineering, IIT Madras. In 1998, Arun Krishnaswamy and
Prabhu started the Indian Linux Users Group Chennai chapter(ILUGC).
He was coordinator of this LUG for four years.

He loves Python and he is the author of the Scientific Visualisation
Software MayaVi. [http://mayavi.sf.net]
He is the Principal Investigator in FOSSEE — Free and Open source
Software for Science and Engineering Education.[ http://fossee.in]

Official Profile Page : http://www.aero.iitb.ac.in/~prabhu

Free entry for all.


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