Meeting with Founder of ILUGC, Prabhu – Minutes

Yesterday, we had a nice meeting with Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran.

He started with little intro to python.
He explained the powers of ipython shell.
Then, explored the python powered mathematical software “sage
[ ]
It is awesome to realiase the features of sage’s web interface then
numpy and scipy.

Then, he moved to his favorite topic “MayaVi“, the scientific
visualization tool. [ ]
As the original creator, he demonstrated the features and capabilities
of MayaVi.
using twisted, he has added networking features to MayaVi.

He explained the operations of FOSSEE. [ ]
They are hiring open source enthusiasts. check at

Kadambari announced scipy 2010. is a national level event to promote Python for Education and
Scientific Computing.
This year it is happening in IIT Hyderabad, on Dec 13-18, 2010.
visit for more info.

She distributed the posters and handouts.

Around 30 participants filled the hall and session was much interactive.
Here are some slides on past events:

Thanks for Prabhu and Kadambari for spending their time with us.
We are so proud to meet and have the father of ilugc on our stage.

Here are some snaps:


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