Computer Science Students and Projects

In TamilNadu, there are around 250 Engineering colleges. More than 500 arts and science colleges providing Computer Science Courses as B.Sc(CS), B.C.A, M.C.A, B.E (CS), B.Tech (IT), M.Sc(IT),M.E (IT) etc.

If each class has 50 students, every year we are sending out nearly 2 lakh specialists in computers every year.

Every computer student, learn some languages in the academic period. C,C++,Java,VB,SQL are some. Even some students take extra courses for Java, .Net , Linux, PHP or some other technologies.

Though they learn a lot of things in the college, they are not confident in their skills. They know all, but they fear a lot when asked to build a software or to solve any specific problem.

ITI- Industrial Training Institute is a very low profile study in Tamilnadu. But, any ITI student studying Motor Mechanism, can repair or solve the issues in our electric motors. Any Mechanical ITI Student can look the issues on our two or four wheeler vehicles.

We believe that any MBBS or Medical student, studies the course well and we hope that even a fresh MBBS student can analysis some small issues in our health and can study further and provide some solutions.

What about compute students?

It is a real sad that most of the computer science students are not learning anything in the colleges. They study all the books just to pass the exams.

They limit their practical exposures in the lab exercises itself. That too by memorizing all the code snippets and by letting out all in the lab exams.

When they have to do a project in the final year, they simply goto any project center and buy the project with full reports. Some students copy projects from seniors, other colleges or from Internet.

Some students get the Industry projects. They take some internship in some companies and learn the things to do projects in 3 months. But then they have to finish their project in 1 month. They touch some code here and there and finish it for preparing the records. For some students, the industry workers prepare the projects and reports.

Not all the students, But 90% of the students do the same.

They come out of college with nearly zero knowledge, zero practical experience and zero confidence. But, they expect some MNCs to find them and give job with 15-25k salary per month.

Is it fair?

How we are going to the change this situation?


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