Series60-Remote – Manage your Symbian mobile in Ubuntu

My Friend Jeevaguru, a gadget geek, who explores all the electronic things, found a way to connect Nokia Symbian phones and ubuntu linux to transfer the messages, contacts and files.
Wammu and Gammu are not working for Symbian based Nokia phones.<br />
Here he speaks:


Finally, I got a tool with which I can manage the messages, contacts & files
in my N95 with Ubuntu.

This tool Series60 <>is
simply awesome and available for Debian, Fedora, Windows & MacOS.

It’s based on Python and needs a
be installed in your mobile.

You need to install PyS60 <> as well on your
mobile. I used PythonForS60_1_4_5_3rdEd.sis for my N95 8GB since that was
the latest available release. It uses sqlite or MySql in the backend for
storing messages/contacts etc.

Apart from these, I had to install obexftp & python-obexftp [both available
in Synaptic] as well.

Once all the required software are installed in your PC & in your mobile,
you should initiate a bluetooth pairing between PC and Mobile and then open
S60-remote in your mobile. I guess only bluetooth connectivity works as of
now and you can not use USB mode yet. The client needs to be running all the
time so you can not close it in your mobile but minimize it by pressing Menu

Then, open up Applications -> Internet -> Series60-Remote in your Ubuntu.

The application will list all available bluetooth devices.

Select your mobile from the list and click Next.

Application will ask if you want to push the client and PyS60 to your mobile
if not done already. Ignore that and click next since we have them installed

After couple of screenshots explaining how to use the mobile client,
application will connect to the phone and Ta-Da!

You’ll see the phone is connected to the PC and it shows the battery and
signal level of your phone.

From the left panel you can create a new message, manage contacts & files,
see device information etc.

To see existing messages, you need to select ‘View history’ from Messages

Once a new message come in to your mobile, the Series60-Remote in your
Ubuntu will show a popup, just like a gtalk or skype chat popup, and ask if
you want to continue as chat.

The app seems pretty neat, simple, fast and does a wonderful job.
Unfortunately, this is available only for Symbian60 mobiles though! But
still, great work by the developer.

So, those who have Symbian & using Ubuntu/Fedora/Mac or those who are not
happy with the super slow message management in Ovi Suite, this app is
exactly for you guys – GO FOR IT.



Thanks Jeeva, for the research and the posting in the ILUGC mailing list.
Though your discussion is available here,, Wanted to re-share here.

It is working as charm in my Nokia 5233.


3 thoughts on “Series60-Remote – Manage your Symbian mobile in Ubuntu

  1. I’m using it too.. That’s too bad It doesn’t support reading all messages from the phone.
    I’m still having trouble with: “Warning! QSQLITE database driver not found! Please install it first!”.
    Do not know what is the problem.. any ideas ?

    • At last.. For me on my Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, this worked well:
      “install python python-obexftp python-matplotlib python-bluez python-qt4 python-qt4-sql sqlite3 libqt4-sql-sqlite”

      so… uff.. finally.. weird.. maybe I was something missing in the past.. anyway, if someone had trouble, try my version, it could be a solution 🙂


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