Help students to contribute to Open Source projects

There are lakhs of Computer Students coming out of colleges every year.
Most students buy projects or they do the same old railway
registration/library management etc.

On the other side, there are tons of open source projects waiting for contribution.
Let us encourage students to contribute to FOSS projects.

Please add here, if you need any open source project for your own need
or refer some open source project that need contribution with links.

For any student, to do some project in the open source world, he/she
needs to learn some basic things like

Linux Installation
Connecting with internet
Joining Mailing lists
Creating filters for mailing lists
Mailing list guidelines
IRC tools and Joining in Channels
Choosing a suitable Project
Learning the language like c,c++,Python,Perl,Ruby,LAMP,

Web,Java technologies
Revision Control Systems like svn, git
Documenting the code

and more.

Though they can learn by themself, if we mentor them in the initial
stages of the FOSS contributions,
Their progress will be quicker and they will get more interest to contribute.

Please add your details here.

We can help students from get in the project and till they start
discussing with main stream project developers.

we can mentor them by online media like mail,chat,irc etc.

We can share these links to the college students so that they can choose
their projects and mentors and start contributing.


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