An inspiring video on Free Open Source Software Development

Please give your two minutes of time to watch this video.


Video is so great, Right?
Giving a lot of good feel.

I can feel your questions.

What is in this video about Free Open Source Software Development?

In this video,

People has some problem
Most of the people are being idle, unaware of the problem, but suffered a lot
A little boy thinks that he can give some solution
He starts towards the solution
He initiates the activity
Like minded people joins together
People jump to help even from bus and car
Together they accept the pains and even enjoy it
The effort of the community to solve a problem gets its success
The problem is solved
They all are happy
We all feel good
We realize that together, we can solve the problems

The same is the history of the Free Open Source Software Development.

Proprietary Software companies make the people as their slave
No freedom to share,sell,learn,update their softwares.
But have to pay huge money to buy the Proprietary Softwares.

This is the social problem where some companies change the culture of “Sharing”.

The sad part is most people dont know that they are slaves.

Richard M Stallman  started to think on finding the solution.
He started the GNU project which gives freedom on software to run anywhere, to share with anyone, to read the code and learn, to modify the software and redistribute.
Like minded people from around the globe joined together
GNU/Linux born
Millions of Free Open Source Software are released.
The fight for freedom is still in progress…

Please give your hands to give freedom to the software world.
Let us join together and give freedom to our parents, brothers, sisters, siblings, children, to the world we live.

Use Free Open Source Software
Deny to use any Proprietary Software
Teach students about FOSS
Talk about FOSS with your pals and your communities
If you find any issues in FOSS, try to fix it or ask a developer to fix it
If you find any software is not available in FOSS, you start it, people will join with you to contribute

We need more hands to get freedom.
Please join any local GNU/Linux users groups and start contributing.

Join Indian Linux Users Group, ChennaiILUGC mailing list at


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