Missing Software in GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux has tons and tons of software.
It has everything for normal computer users.

But, If you take the fields like civil, mechanical, electrical, even
in computer science,
most of the software available for windows are not available for GNU/Linux.
Even there are no alternate software most times.

Let us list the Missing Software in GNU/Linux.

This will be a good chance for the developers, entrepreneurs and students
to pick any tool and implement in linux.

This list may contain the name of the proprietary software or the
functionality itself.

Here is my list.

1. Tamil Typing Tutor
2. Good OCR
3. Speech to Text converting software
4. Tally
5. AutoCAD
6. LABView
7. Dreamviewer

Please add your suggestions here.

With a big list of software to be developed, we can start a dev camp
or dev center in chennai.

Think of a place where FOSS developers meet the subject matter experts like Auditors. CA and build a alternate tool to TALLY.
Mechanical Engineers can help to build alternate to AutoCAD.

Let us build the list of required software in GNU/Linux.

Reply here with your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Missing Software in GNU/Linux

  1. Hi,
    Your listing is exactly picture out the software pave the way for dominant OS world by windows.
    If we develop the software like this Linux can easily reach the common man

  2. 4. Tally — This is basically an accounting software, which’s of no good. If someone uses tally instead of a spreadsheet, he’s a fool. BTW there’s lots of accounting software available.

    5. AutoCAD — Blender?

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