Workshop on Python at Rajalakshmi Engg College Chennai

Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai is conducting a 3 day workshop on Python Programming.

I handled the sessions on the Day 2  – Database Programming.
My friend Sriram handled Object Oriented Programming.

The college conducts a lot of open source workshops and the management shows much interest on the FOSS advocacy through the students community.

It is a good sign of change in the growth of FOSS in the academic world in Tamilnadu.

The students were already trained in python shell, Vim editor, ipython and other python basics.

I gave a small intro to python using this presentation.

They wondered to know that python can do a lot of things including game, AI, GUI and database programming.

Explained how to start mysql server, how to login to mysql shell, how to create database, how to create table and view the data.

Then moved to ipython shell, import MySQLdb, create connection and cursor, execute the SQL queries and the parse the results.

Sriram explored the Object Oriented Programming in Python.
He explained Classes, Objects, Private methods, constructor, destructor and inheritance etc.

As the sessions were practical with handson, It is so good to see the students learning Python very fast and they start to build small applications with their own ideas.

Gave intro to Indian Linux Users Groups, Chennai [ ]  and ChennaiPy
[ ]
Requested to join the mailing list and to attend the monthly meetings.

Thanks for the great initiative by the college management.
Thanks to Benetict Nicholas and Swaminathan for the arrangements.


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