Necessity of the Backups

The 10 commandments of system administration
, from NewsForge:
I. Thou shalt make regular and complete backups
II. Thou shalt establish absolute trust in thy servers
III. Thou shalt be the first to know when something goes down
IV. Thou shalt keep server logs on everything
V. Thou shalt document complete and effective policies and procedures
VI. Thou shalt know what cable goes where
VII. Thou shalt use encryption for insecure services
VIII. Thou shalt not lose system logs when a server dies
IX. Thou shalt know the openings into your servers
X. Thou shalt not waste time doing repetitive and mundane tasks

Today, I felt the necessity of the first commandment.

I am working on a huge subversion dump files recovery process. It required a high end machine.
Requested my colleague to provide access to his high end server some three months back.

The recovery process was running nice. It took a lot of manual process.
As a lazy guy to do all the things manually, wrote some shell and python scripts to automate most of the processes.

Today, I try to login the server.
The server was reinstalled.
My friend forget that I am accessing his machine and he reinstalled the operating system.

There is no backup for all my files

Lost files are lost. No way to recover them. It is not about only the files.
The efforts of 3 months, the scripts I wrote are more valuable.

The scripts were written with agility. There was no constant requirement and they were keep on changing. It is very tough to recollect all the latest requirements and rewrite them all.

Though there are many subversion servers I have to keep my files, I missed to commit them in a repo.
Because of my laziness and over confident, I lost all the efforts.

My learnings:

1. Keep backups of all files.
2. Keep all your development files in a subversion repo.
3. Inform the machines access and activities to the machine owner periodically.

What Next ?

முழுதாய் எரிந்தது வீடு
இனி தெளிவாய் தெரியும்

–ஜென் கவிதை

Home got fire.
Can enjoy the

–zen poem

It is a great opportunity to learn the things and keep on moving in the life.
started the scripts again with svn commits.


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