IRC logs of My session on Ubuntu User Days

Last Saturday, I participated in the “Ubuntu User Days” online Training via IRC at #ubuntu-classroom on

I handled a session about “Package Management in Ubuntu”

Here is the log of the session.

Thanks for the #ubuntu-classroom team for organising such events.

Logs for this session will be available at following the conclusion of the session.

Shrinivasan, is a open source lover, who lives in Chennai, India. He talks about open source philosophies in local colleges and schools. Currently he is giving technical support to subversion and TeamForge at CollabNet. He runs a weekly newsletter “FossNews” and a blog for Foss Jobs.
shrini: take it away! 🙂

Hello all
So happy to meet you all here
Here, let us explore the various options of package management in ubuntu
One of the best feature that ubuntu provides is its package management
When I was in windows world, I used to carry some 30 to 40 CDs with me always
they were filled with various software
I had my local collection of required software
but the ubuntu linux changed the way we approach installing software in our systems
Let us explore about installing and removing of various software in ubuntu linux
using Graphical Tools and commandline tools

First tool is “Ubuntu Software Center
It is available under the menu “Applications
Hope you all have ubuntu machines now
Please open that software
It is talking a little time to load
It is there opened
It is showing some departments
What are they?
Unlike Windows and Mac, Ubuntu linux provides tons and tons software
It gives a central place where we can fetch required software
That central place is available in the internet
it is called as “repository
Ubuntu gives some default repositories to fetch the software
we can add some extra repositories too.
repository can be called as “repo” too
The default repository is available at
you can browse the available packages for all the ubuntu versions.

Let us come back to our “Ubuntu Software Center
The available software in the repositories are categorised into various departments
Ubuntu is for all human beings
so it provides software for various fields where computers can be used
From Education, development, graphics, multimedia, research, office to games
and more
Let us explore the Graphics packages available
I am clicking the “Graphics” department
It gives some more categories like 3D, Drawing, Photography, Viewers etc
Going into Photography
It provides all the software required for digital photography management
See the small green tick mark in the “Shotwell Photo Manager
It means that “Shotwell Photo Manager” is already installed in our computer
We can install any of the software shown here.
Let us install “Gwenview”
It is a nice Image viewer
Let us click on it
It shows some little info with a button “install
Let us click the button “more info”
It gives some more info really
in the upcoming page
An introduction, link to the original website, a screenshot, size and some more details are displayed here
Now let us click the button “install” shown in the same page
Now it asks the password
we need the administrator privileges to install any software in ubuntu
The first user in ubuntu has the admin right and we can give the password
if we have the admin permission, the screen goes to the next stage
The blue bar shows the status as “installing”
In the left panel, we can see a new item as “In progress (1)”
After a while, it is finished the progress and it shows as “installed”
the speed depends on the speed of Internet connection
and the dependencies it has to download
We can install any package like this
Ubuntu provides such easiest process to install any software
The same software center provides some “Featured” software in the home page
They are the best software referred by the ubuntu community to install and live happily
they are popular, stable and feature rich software
We can click on any already installed software and we can see the button “remove
we can uninstall the software by clicking the “remove” button
It will ask for the password and will remove it.

Let us explore some advanced software called “Synaptic Package Manager
It is available at the menu System->administration
Close the Software center and open the Synaptic
It interface is little advanced but give a lot of details
The left panel gives various departments same as software center
the right panel lists the software available at the selected department
top right corner has a search box
give some text there and see the result
I give there as “thunderbird”
It shows the results of the software related to the word “thunderbird”
we can click on any software and select “Mark for Installation” in the menu
I selected “thunderbird”
Now, click the “Apply” button in the top panel
another window pops up with some more details
it shows the size of download, dependency package list etc
I click “apply” button and it starts to download
we can see the files being downloaded and installed automatically

Fred55411 asked: Does KDE app have lots of dependencies when installed on Gnome system?
yes. KDE apps will download the core packages to run the KDE apps
we can run all the KDE apps in Gnome, after installing the required kde packages

geekosopher asked: If installing a package requires removal of other already installed program, does Software Center warn the user that the other package will be removed?
There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
it will do that automatically
synaptic and commandline tools will show the list of software installed and removed
after we confirm only they start installing.

To remove any software using synaptic, we can click and select “Mark for removal”
“Mark for complete removal” will remove all the dependency software too.

we can edit or add repositories in “Settings->Repositories” in synaptic
There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.

Let us explore some commandline tools
open a terminal
apt-cache search <name>
to search the software related to the “name?
apt-cache search thunderbird
will list the repated software
related software
sudo apt-get install thunderbird
will list the required software to fetch and after our confirmation
it will install thunderbird
to uninstall any software
sudo apt-get remove thunderbird
Fred55411 asked: You said “left panel gives various departments same as software center” but software center’s seem more “friendly” and less extensive. Do you concur?
Yes. software center is more user friendly
My old dad loves it very much then synaptic
Ubuntu is always making our life much easier.
this links give more info about snaptic
I am done with the session


All the sessions got around 150 participants and sessions were much informative.

We can get all the session logs at


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