Birth of PuduvaiLUG

Last Sunday, Jan 30, 2011 visited Pondicherry (Puduvai) for a seminar on Free Open Source Software at Ocean Academy, Puduvai.

It is a computer training center and arranging free seminars on various topic once in two months.
My friend Prasath, requested to give talk on FOSS there. I accepted for it and the day came.

Puduvai is 3 hr journey in bus from kanchipuram. Started early morning and reached there around 9.

The Ocean Academy is run by young, energetic professionals and they are much interested in providing quality training.

They arranged sessions as two batches, around 80 students each batch.

Showed them the slides here.

It is a mixed crowd, as some students dont know anything about linux and some students were playing around with ubuntu in their laptop.

But, the history, GNU, GPL, Distro, FOSS concepts, ILUGC are new to all.
They all were much interested in knowing all these and raised a lot of questions.
I requested all of them to do their final projects by themself and in open source technologies.

The feedbacks were so interesting to read as all are interested to learn linux and ready to contribute for open source projects.

In the evening, discussed with prasath, prasanna venkadesh and prakash with some more students.
Suggested them to start a Linux Users Group in Puduvai.

The team is so energetic and they started it immediately.

Here is the blog:

Stated a mailing list too:

Join the mailing list and encourage their activities.

Hoping to see more activities and contributions from PuduvaiLUG.

Thanks for OCEAN Academy Team for providing such a nice opportunity.


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