Creating Lab Manual for “Open Source Lab”

Anna University has provided a Lab for Open Source Technologies for the third year computer science students.

The syllabus is here.

It has many depth concepts like kernel compiling, virtualiation, user space device driver writing, etc.

Most students will scare to learn the things as there is no theory paper or relevant prior training along with this lab.
The worse part is there is no lab manual so far from Anna University.

To help the students and the professors, Indian Linux Users Group Chennai is conducting “Faculty Development Programs” in various colleges.

We have to assist all colleges even in remote places for this open source lab.

Creating a Lab Manual is a wiser solution to reach all the colleges and students.
They can read the manual and do the exercises to learn the technologies defined in the syllabus.

Today, The following ILUGC Members, assembled at Computer Science LAB, MIT, Chrompet, Chennai.
The lab is facilitated with CentOS computers and connected with internet.

  1. Akilan
  2. Baskar Selvaraj
  3. Dhilip
  4. Mohan
  5. Shrinivasan
  6. Vignesh
  7. Vijay
  8. Vimalesh

Baskar explained about his services on setting up the FOSS Lab for all the colleges.
He does a wonderful service of setting up the LAB with Fedora Server and Clients with around 20G of repository packages.

Vijay discussed about the structure of the manual. We have to provide them the exercises and the required materials to learn the underlying technologies.

He created a project to host the files.
Here is the repository.

He suggested “asciidoc” to create the content.

The contents in OpenOffice Documents will add a lot of headache in formatting, merging with multiple files
and producing fine outputs with various formats.

Asciidoc is a wiki syntax like text formatting system which can produce outputs in various formats like HTML, DocBook,LaTeX,PDF etc.

It is very easy to learn the syntax of asciidoc. It take only 5 minutes to learn it. 🙂
Here is the cheatsheet

We downloaded the asciidoc source from its site and installed in all the computers.

Vijay discussed about various virtualization technologies xen, kQemu, KVM, VirtualBox etc.
Running kernel compilations in virtual box will be easier for the lab administrators as they dont need the root passwords of the host computers.

He accepted to create the content for virtualization.

Mohan joined with us and started to create content on “source compilation technologies” like automake, cmake.

Dhilip started to explore the content on perl written by raman
He formatted the same content in asciidoc and added as a study material for perl.

Vimalesh started on database management system using MySQL.

Vignesh started to create study material on PHP programming.

Akilan started on Kernel Compiling. Vijay gave some interesting ideas on patching the kernel to show the student name or college name in the boot messages and displaying the same in the ‘uname -a’ output.

Shrinivasan (myself) created a lab manual for setting up the network.

We committed our existing content to the repository.
We will continue our work from home.

We thank computer society of MIT and their Head Incharge Ms.Catherine
Bina for providing the facilities.

We need contribution :

We need more reviewers, editors, proof-readers, content creators.
Please contribute.

You can choose your desired task from the list


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