Two Day National Level Workshop on NS-2

About NS-2 :

NS or the network simulator (also popularly called NS-2, in reference to its current generation) is a discrete event network simulator. NS is used in the simulation of routing protocols, among others, and is heavily used in ad-hoc networking research. ns supports popular network protocols, offering simulation results for wired and wireless networks alike. It is popular in research given its open source model and online documentation. However, modeling is a very complex and time-consuming task in ns-2, since it has no GUI and one needs to learn scripting language, queuing theory and modeling techniques. Of late, there have been complaints that results are not consistent (probably because of continuous changes in the code base) and that certain protocols are replete with bugs.

NS was built in C++ and provides a simulation interface through OTcl, an object-oriented dialect of Tcl. The user describes a network topology by writing OTcl scripts, and then the main NS program simulates that topology with specified parameters.

Source :

Get NS-2 at

Workshop on NS-2 at Chennai:

Sathyabama University, Chennai is organising a Two Day workshop on NS-2.

Dates :

Event dates : March 28,29 2011

Registration Closing: 18 March 2011 ( Still seats are available )



  • Introduction to Free Open Source Software
  • Online Resource to do Research
  • Introduction to NS-2
  • NS-2 Installation
  • Basics of NS-2
  • Wired and Wireless example using TCL
  • Modification of Existing Algorithm
  • New Algorithm Compilation
  • Trace File Analysis
  • Case Study
  • Introduction to wireless application

Cost :

PG Students : Rs 500

Faculty Members/Research Scholars : Rs 750

Participants from Industry  : Rs 1000

Have to pay as DD or Cheque.




Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Sathyabama University, Chennai

Email : hodcse @   and  ns2.cse @

Phone : 044 – 24503159

Here is the Invitation:

Mail or Call and book for your registration.


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