ILUGC Monthly Meet (April 9 th)

ILUGC Monthly Meet (April 9 th):-


Time : Sat April 9 , 2011 (3.00 – 5.30 PM)

Venue: Classroom No 8,
Areo Space Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:



Topic : Introduction to Scilab, Open Source Numerical Computation Software

Description :

Scilab is a high-level, numerically oriented programming language.
Scilab is used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image
enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, numerical optimization, and
various other applications. Scilab also includes Xcos for modeling and
simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems, including both
continuous and discrete sub-systems.Scilab is available free of cost
under an open source license. Scilab is an alternative to MATLAB. As
the syntax of Scilab is similar to MATLAB, Scilab includes a source
code translator for the conversion of code from MATLAB to Scilab.

Duration : 30 minutes

Speaker :

Dhanushkodi [ dhanush AT techpassiontech DOT com ] is the CEO of
TechPassion ( He earned a B.Tech in
Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He
did his graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and earned masters in Mechanical Engineering. His graduate thesis
involved the design and development of high speed positioning systems
with applications in semiconductor and machine tool industry. He
worked as a Research Engineer at the General Electric Global Research
Center before founding TechPassion.  At GE, He worked on research
projects and product development programs in industries spanning
automotive, locomotive, and medical imaging.



Topic : Introduction to ‘Subversion Edge’

Description :

CollabNet Subversion Edge includes everything you need
to install, manage and operate a Subversion server.  It includes all
of the Subversion and  Apache binaries needed to run a Subversion
server.  It also integrates the popular ViewVC repository browsing
tool so that users can view repository history from a web browser.

CollabNet Subversion Edge also includes a powerful web-based
management console that makes it easy to configure and manage your
Apache server and Subversion repositories.

Link :

Duration : 45 minutes

Speaker : Jeyanthan [ ijeyanthan AT gmail DOT com ]

About the Speaker:

Jeyanthan is a Technical Engineer working for CollabNet . Founder of
GTUG Madurai and passionate about open source technologies.
Website :

The following topics will be discussed

 1. Intro to Subversion Edge
 2. Difference between Subversion and Subversion Edge …
 3. Installation
 4. Live Demo
 5. How to contribute.



Topic: MuLTiFlow: An HTML5 and ePub editor for Scientific community


MuLTiFlow,  an HTML5 and ePub editor for Scientific community will be
This XUL application can be used both as astandalone and as a Firefox addon.
The editor can handle Math (MathML) and Graphics (SVG) markup and also
has a input mechanism for UTN28 (modern version of TeX).
The editor has a locale switch for 11 languages.

The code can be downloaded from the following SourceForge URL:

It is under GPL v3 license.

In addition, some advanced Semantic capabilities for this editor are
being worked on at present.
This editor is easily extensible with some minimal knowledge of
Javascript and XUL.
Some of these capabilities will be demonstrated in the ILUGC meeting.

Speaker :

Suki Venkat, [ suki.venkat AT gmail DOT com ], TNQ Books and Journals
Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Duration: 45 minutes



General group discussions on any queries, events etc.
CDs/DVDs can be shared on prior request.

Announce this to all your friends, social network sites etc.
All are welcome. Entry Free


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