Camp on Spoken Tutorial at Kanchipuram

Yesterday, we had a camp on “Spoken Tutorial” Project at Kanchipuram.

Video Tutorials are the easier way to spread the computer literacy throughout the world. Skilled Computer Teachers are less in the countries like India. But the video tutorials can reach any part of the world, where any student can learn from the videos.

Tons of video tutorials are available in the sites like

MIT Video Courses [ ]
Khan Academy []
PHP Academy [ ]

But as they are available only in English, it is being touch to reach the rural and village students.

To solve this problem, Ministry of Human Resource, India and IIT Bombay, jointly started a project called “Spoken Tutorial”

The idea is to create small videos on various software and languages in one language and to translate the videos in to all the languages possible.

The creation of videos, translation and dubbing activities are done by the students, unemployed people, and home makers. Anyone can participate in this project and the team rewards the contributors upto Rs 3,500 for a 10 min video.

Prof. Kannan Moudgalya, The project leader of “Spoken Tutorial” travel throughout India, to create awareness about this project and to make people to participate in the nation wide revolution.

Yesterday, Kanchi Linux Users Group organised a camp for Spoken Tutorial Project, at Meeting Hall, Sangeetha Hotel,Kanchipuram. Around 45 students participated in the event.

Mr. Thyagarajan explained  about Spoken Tutorial Project.

Mr. Shrinivasan (its me) about the activities of KanchiLUG.

Miss. Priya explained about her contributions to the Spoken Tutorial Project

Mr. Dhasthageer narrated his project on Fluid Flow Visualization.

We played some videos created by Miss.Priya.

Then, Prof Kannan explained about the project. He demonstrated on how to create a Video Tutorial.
He explained how this project helps a lot of remote village students in north east, west parts of India.
He answered for the questions. All the students expressed their interest in participating this project.
He requests all the students to contribute a little for the national revolution in education.

These spoken tutorials can be created to teach any Free Open Source Software.

We can extend them on various topics like
Basic computer usage
Using Internet
Online Banking
Online Ticket Reservation
Online Payment systems
Using Email Systems

For more details. visit the site

The snaps are available at


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