Celebrating 20 Years of Linux – A Tamil Video

At 1991, Linus Torvalds, released his Kernel as open source. After that, the Linux Revolution happened.

To celebrate the 20 years of Linux, The Linux Foundation, is doing various activities.
Explore it here. http://www.linuxfoundation.org/20th
It released an animation video.


I decided to make the video to speak Tamil, my mother tongue.

Contacted the Linux Foundation at [ info AT linuxfoundation DOT org ],
asking permission to translate the video into Tamil.

Got permission from Jennifer Cloer [ jen DOT cloer AT gmail DOT com ]

Thats nice. Now, I can start the work.

Asked my friend Jesse Arun Kumar [ jesse AT collab DOT net ]
to transcribe the audio as text. He accepted with pleasure and he gave the text in few hours.

My brother, Suresh [ jemenisuresh AT gmail DOT com ], translated the text into Tamil.

My friend, Thanigai Rajan [ methanigai AT gmail DOT com ], demonstrated the audio recording in Tamil and added his thoughts to the content and process.

My friend, Senthil Kumar, [ jsenthil AT collab DOT net ], fixed a lot of spelling and grammar errors in the Tamil text version.

My Friend Jeeva Guru, [ jeevaguru AT collab DOT net ] recorded the text as audio in Tamil. After few trials, we got the final audio as a perfect one.

Used Audacity, the open source audio editing software to edit the audio.

Used FFMPEG, the open source audio/video conversion software to remove the existing english voice and to add the tamil voice to the same video.

Download the original video from the youtube site.
The downloaded file name is Linux-20Year.flv

To remove audio from the video:

ffmpeg -i Linux-20Year.flv -an -vcodec copy Linux-20Year-only-video.flv

The above command removes the audio and saves only video as a new file.

Generate the audio file:

Using audacity, loaded the tamil audio that Jeeva recorded, synced the timeline to fit with the original video. Added a copyright free sound track from
Exported the audio as a mp3 file. “Tamil.mp3”

Merging tamil audio and video:

ffmpeg -i Linux-20Year-only-video.flv -i Tamil.mp3 Linux-20Year-tamil.flv

This command merges the audio with video and generates a new video file, which is the perfect  tamil version of the original english video.

The result tamil version is uploaded here.

Thanks a lot for the following contributors.

  • Jesse Arun Kumar – Transcribe
  • Suresh – Translation in Tamil
  • Thanigai Rajan – Trial Recording
  • Senthil Kumar – Editing the Tamil Text
  • Jeeva Guru – Tamil Voice
  • Shrinivasan – Audio/Video Mixing
  • Jennifer Cloer – Granted Permission to Translate in Tamil
  • http://www.musopen.com – Background Score

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