ILUGC Meet – Minutes – May 2011

We had a great Ubuntu 11.04 release party with sweets/snack/loads of information.

Balasubramaniam, narrated the project “Spoken-Tutorials“. [ ]

Spoken Tutorial is a national wide project to create video tutorials on various FOSS technologies in all the indian languages, funded by IITB and MHRD.

See a video about this here:

See a video on how can we create the videos:

Bala explained the requirements to create a qualified video and demonstrated by creating a sample video.


We started the Ubuntu Release Party by sharing the cool drinks and snacks.

Vishnu explored the features of the new programming language “Go“.

Then, Shrinivasan played the movie about the 20 years of linux in tamil.

The video is available here.

Kumaran explored the new features of Ubuntu 11.04

The presentation is available here:

The slides with 171 pages shows his hard work towards preparing for the talk.

His parents also came to the meet and explained how he migrated his father’s law office to open source.

We thank kumaran’s parents for all their efforts on encouraging him in all his technical explorations.

We had 30 participants.

Thanks for Atul Jha from Delhi LUG, for sharing the cost of snacks and sweets.

The snaps are available at


One thought on “ILUGC Meet – Minutes – May 2011

  1. This is really a great effort taken by all of the organisers and I would appreciate the presence of all the participants who attended this event. The information shared during the event is, for me, the most important and as per the current trends. Idea of sharing videos of presentations carried on during the event is highly appreciated.

    Chaitanya Parekh
    Enjay – Gujarat

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