Request for a Team to guide college students for open source projects


Today morning, I had a discussion with HOD MCA Dept, Panimalar Engg College, Chennai.

They are willing to encourage their 180 final year students to do projects in open source technologies.
They need our support in the following areas.

1. Training on various FOSS languages and technologies
2. Helping the students to select open source projects to contribute
3. Mentoring the students during the development period

I showed the following pages.

They are highly interested to see these pages.

The staff will be their internal guide and we have to be as external guides.

We have 2 semesters.
We can use 1 semester for training and the next for project development.
Students will be available from 3.30 – 5.30 pm daily.

This is a great opportunity for us to bring more open source contributors.
When the staff and students from are willing to contribute, industry
should help them to make it into reality.

I ensured them as to give a proposal within this week.

We have to plan for the following things.

1. Trainers who can goto college in person to train the students
2. List of open source projects to contribute
3. Mentors for the students

We need a huge list of project as all the students have to do individual projects.
We need more persons to participate in the huge project of turning students into contributors.

Please share your thoughts here, on how to proceed further.

Note: All the efforts will be rewarded by the college management.


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