Translate the video – The Story of Linux – in your language

Linux Foundation has released a video to celebrate the 20th year of linux.

We translated the video in Tamil.
See it here.

Do you want to translate it into your language?

Here is the transcript:


The Story of Linux
(on the occasion of its 20th anniversary)

0:09  Our story begins twenty years ago Boris yeltsin  was sworn into office,
0:14  Jay Leno replaced Johnny Carson on the tonight show and cell-Phones were really really big.

0:22  It was August of 1991 and a 20 year old computer science student named Linus Torvalds sat down at his computer in Helsinki to post what is now one of the famous entries in computing history.

0:33  “Hello everybody out there….I am doing a free operating system just a hobby,won’t be anything big like GNU it probably will never support anything other that AT-hard disks as  that’s all I have.

0:49  Now word of Linux open source project quickly spread all over the globe and developers from all over contributed their code,

0:56  Linus named his OS kernel Linux and chose a penguin as its mascot ( After a little incident at the zoo).

1:06  He soon made a very important decision that would shape Linux’s future just as much as the technology,

1:12  he chose the GPL license created by a visionary named Richard Stallman.

1:18  The Linux kernel along with the GPL license and other GNU components revolutionized the computing industry with a few very simple but very important freedoms.

1:27  1. The Freedom to use the software for any purpose
1:31  2. The Freedom to change the software to suit your needs
1:35  3. The Freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbors
1:39  4. The Freedom to share the changes you make

1:43  These radical ideas fuelled its spread around the world and somewhat paradoxically
1:48  its rise from a hobbyist experiment to the foundation of a large and thriving eco-system;
1:54  Companies build business’ around Linux.
2:01  In 1999 Redhat stock tripled as it became the first Linux Company to go public,
2:07  that same year IBM spent a million dollars to improve and advertise Linux.
2:18  Soon Linux was knocking out industry heavy weights and fuelling the rise of the internet with its free software.
2:24  In short Linux revolutionized computing.
2:27  But whenever something is this disruptive there is bound to be competitive crossfire,
2:33  but Linux not only survived, it thrived.
2:36  today the kernel development community numbers in the thousands with hundreds of companies collaborating on Linux development.
2:42  Every three months another version of Linux is released.
2:47  So where is Linux today?

2:50   running in 75% of stock exchanges worldwide
2:54   Powering the servers the deliver amazon,Facebook,twitter,ebay and google

2:59   You use Linux literally every time you surf the internet.its in your phone, in your T.V.
3:05   running 95% of super computers and in many of the devices you use everyday
3:12   Linux is everywhere. And the Helsinki based programmer who started it all!
3:17   he orchestrates this world wide army of developers from his home office in Portland, Oregon
3:23   as a fellow at the Linux foundation. As we celebrate 20 years of Linux we can all see ourselves in its story.

3:31   Thank you for being a part of its first twenty years.


The first two lines mention about the year 1991. Tell some significant incident that happened in 1991 in your country/region to remind the year to the audience.

Read here on how we made it in tamil.


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