Minutes- ILUGC June 2011 Meet

It was a great meet to get most of the old ILUGCians like Bharathi Subramanian, Kumar Appiah, Thyagarajan, Ravi Jaya etc.
Hall was filled with old faces and new faces, counting 32 as the participants.

Kumar explained the basics of cryptography. Alice, Bob and Eve played the roles in the play.
Public key and private key mechanism was explained well. Kumar narrated the concepts of
authentication, authorization using the keys. He explained how can we secure our emails
using signatures and GPG keys.

Since, Cryptography is a great ocean, he explored it from the seashore, on how to live a safer digital life.

Next, Arun SAG, started the Fedora 15 Release Party. Snack and Drinks are served.

He explained the new systemd service, which replaced the init to start the services in parallel.
He demonstrated the gnome 3 and its features.
Then he invited for the Fedora Users Developers Conference FUDCon.
Audience shot many questions and Arun answered them all with patience.

Here is the presentation.

Source: https://gitorious.org/saga-presentations/presentations/blobs/master/Fedora_15_overview/Fedora15_Overview.tex

Download: http://zer0c00l.in/downloads/Fedora15_Overview.pdf

Thyagarajan explained the need of a content submission software for the project “Spoken Tutorial” [ http://spoken-tutorial.org ]
He demonstrated the features of the project that he started to develop.
He described about various reports and navigation features. He invited the audience for participating in the project.

In the lightning talk section, he expressed his views on the ILUGC activities.

  • ILUGC should do more activities for the foss community.
  • We should reach not only engineering colleges, but also the arts & science, polytechinc etc.
  • Co-ordinator should be changed every two years.
  • ILUGC should become a registered organization to do commercial activities also.
  • College students should be trained on linux installation on the FOSS Labs.
  • Distro freedom should be given to college students.
  • ilugc-tamil mailing list should be active.
  • Info on any workshop/seminar in colleges should be announced in prior so that any freelancer can participate.

He reported that current co-ordinator,

  • did not announced the project offer for spoken tutorial to the list.
  • he did not attributed his ideas on a report for spoken-tutorial project.
  • he refused to give status report to thyagarajan in the report for spoken-tutorial.
  • he did not allowed thyagarajan to teach in a workshop at kanchipuram.
  • he is not conducting any Linux Demo Days.
  • he is not inspiring many people to come to the meets.

The luggies and Co-ordinator replied for his queries.

We requested thyagarajan to discuss all his queries in the mailing list,
and the community will make good decisions for all his requests.

Here are the snaps of the event. [ A pulic Album, anyone can view ]

Thanks for Arun SAG for sharing the expense for the party.
Thanks for all speakers and participants.


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