Free laptops from TN Govt – Choice of OS


On Jun 18, 2011 TamilNadu Govt announced a Tender for
9 lakh” free laptops for the students.

Here is the Tender Notice :

Page 57 in the pdf says that

Operating System : Preloaded Dual booting – Windows starter edition
with Anti Virus for
1 year license and Linux.

If the windows costs min 1000 INR,
9,00,000 * 1,000 = 90,00,00,000

90 Cr rupees will be given to Microsoft.

If we use Gnu/Linux, we can save the 90Cr.

These laptop should be loaded with only free open source software and
proprietary software should not be used.

How can we suggest the TN Govt to avoid the proprietary software ?

Please share your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Free laptops from TN Govt – Choice of OS

  1. Well, its a nice idea but who knows how many people can really use *inx systems but surely its great way for them to get into programming.

  2. Im install windows 7 ultimate but the program was not install correctly notification says you have a victim software what is the solluson how i get install new os for my laptop an you suggeste if you don’t mind

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