FOSS Contribution gives Free Education

Contributing to FOSS is always giving back in the form of satisfaction, new friends, nice job with good pay, great community, knowledge, social responsibility and more.

Now, it starts to give Free College Education too.

Kumaran, is one of our ILUGC [ Indian Linux Users Group – Chennai ] Member.
We can say that one of the youngest members.
Yes. He is studying his +2.

He is a FOSS fan for years. He completed his RHCE few years back and spreading FOSS
in his school by teaching other students and staff.

He attends the LUG meets regularly and gave a talk on “Ubuntu 11.04 features”.
He rolled out his own fedora fork as “KumOS”.

He was invited to give a talk on Software Freedom Day celebrations to Jaya Engineering College, Chennai.
Impressed by his talk and activities, Jaya Engineering College Chairman offered him a free 4 year Engineering Education in the college.

Here, Raman, writes up to the list on this.

Happy news. ILUGC child(??) prodigy Kumaran (now a +2 student) delivered a lecture in the above celebration.

Impressed by his work, the Chairman of Jaya Engineering College Prof.Kanakaraj during his valedictory address, offered him a free seat – free for all the four years- if he chooses to join this college.

On behalf of ILUGC I wish to thank the Chairman, faculty and Jayafoss club for this offer.

Kumaran’s Reply:

First of all a big thank you… Yes FOSS is good… šŸ™‚

Actually my given topic for the speech at Jaya Engineering College was for creating a Fedora remix, but I couldn’t do that because all the students were 1st years who didn’t know anything about Linux.

So I proceeded to talk to them about the history of Free Software and why they should use GNU/Linux.

My thanks to the college chairman for offering me a seat..

But IMHO, the most important person for helping Jaya Engineering College is Kumaran Sir, the HOD of CSC dept.

So a big thanks to him too for helping to bring the college to this level…. šŸ™‚

Wishes for the young FOSS contributor Kumaran.

Thanks for Jaya FOSS Club, HOD Kumaran sir and the Chairman.


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