Software Freedom Day 2011 – Minutes

The Software Freedom Day 2011 Celebrations were filled with lot of fun
and enthusiasm at MIT,Chrompet Chennai on September 17, 2011

We had 18 stalls as follows


1. Libre Office
2. Kompozer
3. FFMPEG, Audacity
4. Python
5. PHP
6. Drupal
7. Scilab
8. Subversion&GIT
9. Firefox Addons
10. Spoken-Tutorial
11. Mozilla
12. Tamil Wikipedia
13. Ruby
14. Joomla
15. Subversion Edge
16. Open Source CDs and Books
17. Ruby on Rails(RoR)
18. Educational Software

We had a lot of new volunteers for the stalls.

Though the visitors are less then any other years, the stall
volunteers shared the knowledge
to the attended visitors and other stall peers.

Spoken-Tutorial CDs for Linux/Python/Latex and stickers were
distributed to the visitors.

Yogesh explained on how to participate in a open source community to
get help and to contribute.
He emphasized the importance of doing the final year project by own
and doing it as a contribution for
any open source application.

Choosing the best stalls for prizes was so tough as everyone showed
their best enthusiasm.
Tamil Wikipedia, Ruby, Mozilla teams got the prizes.
We gave them the book “Introduction to Python”

We presented Rs 200 for all the stalls as a gift.

Thanks for all the volunteers and donors.
Thanks a lot for Mr.Vimalesh, computer Society of MIT and the team for
their endless efforts.
Thanks for MIT for hosting the event.

Here are some snaps:


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