Hackathon at Chennai on October 9 – by Thamizha and ILUGC

Hello all,

The Thamizha (www.thamizha.com) community is a developer community dedicated in creating Open Source software for Tamil users.

As a part of the community efforts, a Hackathon is going to be conducted in Brisbane, Australia on October 9th.

As  a parallel effort, we will have a hackathon in Chennai jointly organised by ILUGC and Thamizha Community.

This is a opportunity for programming enthusiasts to get together and contribute code for the benefit of community.

I on behalf of the community kindly invite every one interested for the hackathon. We will be primarily dealing with creating better tools for Tamil Language input, Spell checking, Dictionary …etc in the form of desktop applications, Browser addons or Mobile Apps.

Any Innovative new ideas are also welcome (creating a web service like peyar.in or translating a opensource software like GIMP anyone ?). The technologies that would be touched upon but not limited to are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Qt, Android or iOS App development. Since the technology used can be easily adopted for other Indic languages, the people interested in working other languages on the similar lines are also welcome.

The Venue has been generously offered by Mr. Asokan, an ILUGC Member.

The Venue Details and How to reach?:

Date: 9th October 2011 Time: 9AM to 5PM

Venue: TalentSprint 66, Gaudia Mutt Road
           Royappettah, Chennai

On Radhakrishnan Salai, turn left at the Music Academy. After about 200 m there is a crossing — the junction of LLoyds Road and TTK Road. After the junction TTK Road becomes Gaudia Mutt Road. Continue down and on the left TalentSprint is there.

If you reach Ponnuswamy Hotel you have gone too far.

Thanks for the Free Tamil Computing Group for the initiatives.

They have already create the software like E-Kalappai, TamilVisai Firefox Extension, Android keyboard layout for Tamil etc.


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