Chennaipy October Monthly Meet Announcement

Chennaipy October Monthly Meet Announcement


Date & Time
22 Oct
3:00pm to 5:00pm

Zilogic Systems,
Fourth Main Road,
Kamaraj Nagar,

Location map:


 1. Lightning Talks – 60 min

    * XBee Python Module by Balamanikandan
    * MySQLdb Module by Rengaraj
    * Operator Overloading by Vijay Kumar

    If you would like to give a lightning talk, just come prepared,
    we will be able to accommodate you.

 2. PyCon 2011 Video: Everything You Wanted To Know About Pickling,
    But Were Afraid To Ask! by Richard T. Saunders – 40 min

    Serializing data structures (in Python-speak “pickling”) to save
    to disk/socket is an important tool for the programmer: We will
    discuss how the pickling protocols (0,1,2, and 3) work as well as
    real-world issues (gotchas, backwards-compatibility, etc). We
    will concentrate on the basics of this stack-based protocol: what
    it looks like, how to encode/decode, speeds of different


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