Wikimediaindia-l SocialShare Gadget on Tamil Wikipedia

From: "Srikanth Lakshmanan" <srik.lak>
Date: 9 Dec 2011 02:04
Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] SocialShare Gadget on Tamil Wikipedia
To: "Discussion list on Indian language projects of Wikimedia." <wikimediaindia-l>

Hi all,

Just as we started the Tamil Wiki Media Contest[1], we have realized the power of social media[2] and virality. In an attempt to increase page views even by single digits and having more visibility for content pages, I was looking around and found the share gadget on Hebrew wikipedia and have adapted the gadget code[3] to Tamil[4]. Since Indic wikipedias need more people to read the articles, this might be useful gadget you might want to your Indic wikiprojects. Should you need any help to get this on your wiki, please ping me off-list.

Thanks Hebrew community for the code & Bala/Surya for helping out.

Okay, next time you read a good article on Tamil Wikipedia, just share with your friends 🙂



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