Announcing mediawiki-uploader

Tamil Wikipedia announced a Media Contest to increase the commons media files like photos, audio and video in the wikipedia world.

see the announcement here.

To upload the photos there are two ways available so far.

1. The web based upload wizard

2. Java based upload tool – Commonist

We have to provide a detailed filename and description to the images for uploading.

When we have a bunch of photos to upload, we have to select them, crop, or edit them before uploading.

Found that that “GThumb Image Viewer” can show the files, edit the files and add IPTC tags to the images.

We can view,edit,delete,rotate,crop and add the required Description and Title to the images for uploading to wikimedia commons.

How to upload the files?
There are two tools already.
But, I wanted to plugin to any image viewer to upload to wikimedia commons directly.
No image viewer has that plugin.

DigiKam has it, but due to some issues, the mediawiki plugin is not released.

So, I started to write my own script for uploading all the files in a folder to upload to mediawiki.

Here is it.

Usage details are available in INSTALL and README files.

Thanks for the wikipedia users Surya and Sodabottle for their valuable suggestions.

Please report if there are any issues.

Provide your suggestions for improving too.


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