Punnagai – Community Computing Center, Mylapore, Chennai – Inaguration

We all have the dream for serving the community we live.
Sometimes we donate money, sometimes cloths.
Sometime we contribute to Free Open Source Software by writing code, documenting, meeting, spreading the freedom and more.

Some people teach to poor students. They give free education to them.
Some people donate books and notes.
Some people takes care of their education expenses.

Still, the free education for poor students with quality is a dream in most places.
The government schools are so pathetic as they can’t give quality education.

It is the time for proving our contributions towards quality free education.

Most of us may having a dream for helping the students by teaching them, by giving the quality materials and computer with internet access.

Here, some energetic young people, join together to make their dreams into reality.

The Free Software Foundation TamilNadu [ http://fsftn.org ], had the dream of starting Community Computing Center, where the poor students can walkin and learn what they need from the skillful volunteers.

Punnagai – The Community Computing Center was started at Mylapore, Chennai on last sunday, Dec 11, 2011

This center serves the nearer poor students to learn their school subjects, and computer.
A computer with linux and internet connection is provided for their usage.

Volunteers are  from FSFTN team, IIT Madras, corporates and local people.

They take care of the center and for the mentor-ship of the students.

All the services are provided for free.

Mr.Udhayan, from TamilNadu Science Forum, initiated the event with his wishes.
4 Local students joined the center and all the volunteers cheered them up with their interest for helping.

Shanu, Welkin, Sibi and other volunteers proceeded with their talks.

This service need to be spread across the country.
Each village should have such a center with educated, motivated volunteers.

Announcement Page:

Here is some snaps:


Please contact Welkin:9962240050,  Shanu:9884792347
If you are interested in starting such a center in your area.

Thanks a lot for the FSFTN team for their great service to the community.


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