ChennaiPy December Monthly Meet

ChennaiPy December Monthly Meet Announcement

== Date & Time

24 Dec 3:00pm to 5:00pm

=== Venue

Zilogic Systems,
Fourth Main Road,
Kamaraj Nagar,

Location map:


1. Lightning Talks – 60 min.

– Closures – Vijay Kumar
– Python & MySQL – Abdul
– String Handling – Rengaraj
– Python & WxWidgets – Bala

If you would like to give a lightning talk, just come prepared,
we will be able to accommodate you.

2. PyCon 2011 Video: Hidden Treasures in the Standard Library
by Doug Hellmann – 30 min.

Doug Hellmann is the man behind the Python Module of the Week
(PyMOTW). This presentation
by Doug Hellman covers features of the standard library not
widely known or used. Each feature is presented with a short
demonstration program and explanation.


Entry Free.

Open to all.


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