Get community support for Subversion from CollabNet

Subversion, the famous version control system, is being implemented in many organizations.
The book Version Control with Subversion give the detailed manual of subversion.

Still, some people may need some extended support on using subversion and managing the repositories.

CollabNet provides commercial support for Subversion with various support plans.

CollabNet founded the open source Subversion project more than 10 years ago, and continues to work on improving its capabilities and performance.

It provides various commercial support packages and a free community support.

To check the various commercial support plans, check here.

The developers, engineers and technical support folks from CollabNet hang around this community support forums and provide their support, for free, to improve the Subversion Community.

Let us see here, how to subscribe to the free community support forum for subversion provided by CollabNet.


Goto the site

Click the link “Join Now” on the top right corner
Fill the form for the user details

You will receive an email with the details to set the password.

Click the link in the email to set your password.

Now you will get a message that your password has been changed.


Now, login to the site – with your username and password
Check the forums page on

There are multiple forums available for subversion client, subversion server and subversion edge.
You can see the forums for other products from CollabNet in the same page.

Click the link “View” to read the archives of the forums.

In the same view page, you can subscribe.
You can see the Email address, to which your queries on Subversion to be sent.

Here it is “forum3 AT”

Click on “My Subscription Settings” on the top of the page.

Click on the check box “Subscribed” in this page and click the button “Save Changes”

Thats all.

Now, you are the part of the CollabNet Community.

You will receive emails regarding subversion. You can send your queries to the forum.
You can answer the queries from others, if you know the answer.

You can use the same login credentials to download subversion and subversion edge from CollabNet.

The CollabNet Community is waiting to help you.


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