eidete – a nice screencaster for gnu/linux

Found a nice screencasting application for ubuntu – eidete

Though the gnome 3 has its inbuilt screen recording app using crtl+alt+shift+r
it can record only video, not the audio.

I was looking for a decent screenrecorder with voice.

gtk-recordmydesktop is good. But, we have to configure the parameters to get video without any scattering effects.

Tried eidete. It is so good. Video is stored as webm format. video/audio quality is fine.

Check more about it here:


in gtk-recordmydesktop,after recording the video, it takes much time, more than the time we recorded, to process the video to give a final video file. But in eidete, the processing time is “zero”. The moment you stop the recording, you can get the video file.

Recorded a sample screencast – “intro to gnome 3” in Tamil.
check it here.


Now, you can create screencasts easily with Eidete.


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