Thanks for all your wishes for the ‘kaniyam‘ e-magazine.

Wishes for all the authors who brings the technical knowledge in Tamil
to all the tamil community.

Typing in Tamil is so tough, if you you don’t have the typewriter

training. Still, the authors spend various tools and many hours to
serve the tamil to take it to the next generation through the

Tamil Wikipedia Contest, completed on Feb 29, 2012. We expected 100

contributors and 3000 media files. For our surprise, we received 300
contributors and 15217 media files. Check the files here.

Thanks for all the participants. This expresses the great victory of
Tamil Wikipedia community.

Now, you can learn Free Software in Tamil using the video tutorials.
Read the issue to learn more.

As most of the readers requested, we will publish the articles in HTML

format in www.kaniyam.com as soon as possible.

We need your contribution for continuous growth. Send your creations
to editor @ kaniyam.com

This edition contains following articles in Tamil

  • 5 Free Software you must have
  • Arduino – An Introduction
  • TimeDrive – A time machine
  • Introduction to Emacs
  • Learn GNU/Linux
  • Chromium Vs Chrome
  • Shutter – A gift
  • Baskar – Implementing FOSS Lab in more than 170 Colleges
  • Scribus – part 3
  • Super Man – JavaScript
  • Awesome course from Anna University
  • Git – Distributed Version Control System
  • Job Opportunities
  • Video Tutorials in Tamil
  • "Free" in "Free Software"
  • Readers Voice
  • Events
  • Stallman in Chennai
  • About Kaniyam

Read and Share.



Download the March Edition at


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