Chennai Python Users Group – March Monthly Meet

Chennai Python Users Group

= March Monthly Meet

== Date & Time

24 Mar
3:00pm to 5:00pm

== Venue

Zilogic Systems,
Fourth Main Road,
Kamaraj Nagar,

Location map:

== Agenda

1. Lightning Talks – 30 min.

– Introduction to wxPython – Bala
– ListView in wxPython – Vijay Kumar

If you would like to give a lightning talk, just come prepared,

we will be able to accommodate you.

2. PyCon 2012 Video: The Pyed Piper: A Modern Python Alternative to
awk, sed and Other Unix Text Manipulation Utilities by Toby Rosen
– 30min

"The Pyed Piper", or pyp, is a linux command line text

manipulation tool similar to awk or sed, but which uses standard
python string and list methods as well as custom functions evolved
to generate fast results in an intense production environment.

If you are new to Python, the tutorial "Learn Python in 10 Minutes" will give you a quick
overview of what Python is all about.

Entry Free.
All are welcome.

Share the info with your social communities.


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