Kaniyam-06 Released

Happy to release the 6th edition of Kaniyam, the only e-magazine for free software in Tamil.

Get your copy at http://www.kaniyam.com/release-6/

In this edition we discuss the following in Tamil

  • Debian Administration Guide – An intro
  • Fedora 17 – An intro
  • Difference between Free Software and Open Source
  • Introduction to IRC
  • Kylo goes open source
  • LESS – easy CSS
  • PDF Shuffler – Split/Merge/Shuffle PDF files
  • Learn GNU/Linux – 4
  • Intro to alias
  • Install Android SDK via PPA
  • Edit PDF files using Hybrid PDF
  • Top 10 Security Audit tools
  • SOKOBANO – 3D game
  • Learn FIND Command
  • Download all Kaniyam editions
  • Announcement – M.Sc Foss

Spread the Kaniyam Editions to all.

Send your comments/content to editor@kaniyam.com



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