Awesome story of migration to open source in a hospital at coimbatore

Here is the awesome story of a hospital in coimbatore migrated to GNU/Linux, written by a doctor.

The Great Dream …

This post is my dream .. or has been for about 4 years.

A day that my hospital runs on full Open Source Software.

First a little about me. I am a practicing Paediatric Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon. I am a Open Source enthusiast. I started using Linux 6 years ago and for past 4 year I am using it almost exclusively at work and home. The only time I use Windows is for the odd gaming. I do Python programming – web & desktop.

I dreamed that the hospital will implement an all Open Source Solution. I advised them likewise.


Thanks for our young kid Kumaran ( for support and Dr. Easwar T.R. for the great efforts.

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