Weekly Log – Oct 12 , 2012

I will log the various community activities here, every week.

1. Kaniyam october edition:
Design is completed, will release tonight

2. OSI Days:
Giving a talk on OSI Days event http://osidays.com/ on “Role of ILUG In Promoting FOSS” on October 14

3. Tamil Wiktionary:
Have to reap the content from
http://dsal.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/philologic/getobject.pl?p.0:1.tamillex for tamil wiktionary. Write python code to download all the pages. Working on extracting the content.

4. Project Silpa:
Found https://github.com/copyninja/Silpa-Flask interesting. We can do much for tamil computing using this. Learning Flask web framework to contribute to Sipla.


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