Kaniyam October Edition

Happy to release October 2012 edition of Kaniyam.

Get you copy at http://www.kaniyam.com/release-10/

In this edition, we discuss the following in Tamil.

  1. Software freedom Day 2012 – Report
  2. Compare Images using Geeqie
  3. LibreOffice Formula Vs Microsoft Equation Editor
  4. HTML5 – an introduction
  5. WordPress – part 3
  6. MySQL – part 2
  7. Open Source and Tamil computing
  8. Python – part 4
  9. Does Indian education integrates students?
  10. What is open source?
  11. Interview with Mark Shuttleworth
  12. Tamil Internet Conference at Annamalai University
  13. Use your computer remotely
  14. How to type in Tamil?
  15. Backup using Deja Dup.

Read and spread the news.



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